Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Green Bay Packers in Miami! 2006

These cheeseheads went to Wisconsin for a ministry conference and picked up
contraband cheese paraphenalia

Miami Dolphins territory
Wow, front row seats! Courtesy of friends from school.

For Mom's very first NFL game, quite the view!!

By the way, Mom's only other football game (she's not a fan)

was back in college, "THE BIG GAME"!!!!

That's right, she was there for the Stanford/UC Berkeley game,

where the band was tackled! How could any other game live up to that??

Mom & Dad are Cheezy

Stop the Paparazzi

John's 4th Birthday, January 4, 2007


First Day of School 2007

John enters Pre-K at Calvary Christian Academy!
David enters Middle School at CCA: 6th Grade!
in front of mom's classic 1986 Cadillac

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Football at Calvary Christian Academy

First Day in pads

Art Reception

David and Grampa Frank at dad's art show at Butterfly World
April 13, 2007 opening

At Butterfly World

Hide! the butterflies are bombarding us

butterflies laying eggs on gramma's shirt


DisneyWorld 2007

Its a Bug's Life

Im so happy with my MickeyMouse pancakes!